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Stand out with a custom stunning web design, impress your audience

Manage your site anywhere and anytime with an Integrated Contentful CMS

Free tools like Google Analytics and Social Media Integration

Deep dive search engine optimization and Ads strategy

Discover the SPA Framework

The Future of Web Design

Responsive Design

Single Page Application

Apps like Google MapsAirBNBNetflix, Pinterest and Twitter are all built using the SPA framework. Visit those sites, only parts of the web page change when you click and flip between tabs. That’s the core principle of the SPA framework - it’s a single page where a lot of information stays the same and only a few pieces need to be updated at a time. This makes load time a lot quicker and smooth user experience.

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We want our websites to feel like a conversation and we hope our greeting was to your liking. Lead your clients to answers and show them how to reach you.

You got a lot on your hands running operations. From our experience we learned that the passion you have for your brand can not be reproduced, so we welcome your input for design decisions and setting up goals.

"They were very engaging, with the daily updates we always knew the progress."

William Chen from York University

Featured Client

CI Investments

Independent and Canadian-owned, CI Financial is a diversified wealth management firm and one of the country's largest investment companies.

Designed and branded pages of web applications used by thousands of users

Developed RESTful APIs which support business critical operations using client portfolio data

Created pilot projects for future web applications and analyzed processes to incorporate latest security measures

8 components for a successful web presence

Let us take you thru this rewarding journey

Building a website requires many skills and is usually done by several professionals. The coding and networking is completed by technical developers, while the look and feel is produced by skilled designers. We tried to simplify the process, let us know if you got any questions.

The Grid

Every website comes down to squares, pixels and padding. We have mastered layout techniques.


We will carefully pick 4-7 colors to create a vibrant and fresh look. Clients will remember your brand.


This includes any text, lists or graphs displayed for information.


Photos, images and videos, all custom tailored for you. We have amazing photographers and illustrators on our team.


The extra special add-ons that make our applications unique. Google Analytics, Shopify and more.


Storage space for all your client data, secure and always available. Analyze your data with our professional reporting tools.


What search keys can bring you the most viewers? We help you invest ad dollars where it matters.

The Cloud

Our trusted Cloud infrastructure is supported by powerful services. We guarantee 99.9% up time.